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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::AbstractCvsTaskA base class for creating tasks for executing CVS client commands on a CVS repository
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::AbstractSourceControlTaskA base class for creating tasks for executing CVS client commands on a CVS repository
NAnt::Core::Types::ArgumentCollectionContains a collection of Argument elements
NAnt::Core::Types::ArgumentEnumeratorEnumerates the Argument elements of a ArgumentCollection
NAnt::VisualCpp::Util::ArgumentUtilsGroups a set of useful string manipulation methods for command-line arguments
NAnt::DotNet::Types::AssemblyAttributeRepresents an assembly-level attribute
NAnt::DotNet::Types::AssemblyAttributeCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of AssemblyAttribute objects
NAnt::DotNet::Types::AssemblyAttributeEnumeratorEnumerates the AssemblyAttribute elements of a AssemblyAttributeCollection
NAnt::DotNet::Types::AssemblyFileSetSpecialized FileSet class for managing assembly files
NAnt::Core::Functions::AssemblyFunctionsFunctions to return information for a given assembly
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::AssemblyInfoTaskGenerates an AssemblyInfo file using the attributes given
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::AssemblyInfoTask::CodeProviderEncapsulates functionality to generate a code file with imports and assembly-level attributes
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::AssemblyInfoTask::TypedValueGathererResponsible for returning the specified value converted to a Type accepted by a constructor for a given Type
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::AssemblyLinkerTaskWraps al.exe, the assembly linker for the .NET Framework
NAnt::Core::Functions::AssemblyNameFunctionsFunctions that return information about an assembly's identity
NAnt::Core::Util::AssemblyResolverResolves assemblies by caching assemblies that were loaded
NAnt::Core::Tasks::AvailableTaskChecks if a resource is available at runtime
Tests::NAnt::Core::Tasks::AvailableTestTests available Task
NAnt::Win32::Tasks::AxImpTaskGenerates a Windows Forms Control that wraps ActiveX Controls defined in an OCX
NAnt::Core::Attributes::BooleanValidatorAttributeUsed to indicate that a property should be able to be converted into a bool
NAnt::Core::Attributes::BuildAttributeAttributeIndicates that property should be treated as a XML attribute for the task
NAnt::Core::Attributes::BuildElementArrayAttributeIndicates that property should be treated as a XML arrayList
NAnt::Core::Attributes::BuildElementAttributeIndicates that the property should be treated as an XML element and further processing should be done
NAnt::Core::Attributes::BuildElementCollectionAttributeIndicates that the property should be treated as a container for a collection of build elements
NAnt::Core::BuildEventArgsClass representing an event occurring during a build
NAnt::Core::BuildExceptionThrown whenever an error occurs during the build
NAnt::Core::BuildListenerCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of IBuildListener objects
NAnt::Core::BuildListenerEnumeratorEnumerates the IBuildListener elements of a BuildListenerCollection
NAnt::Core::BuildReportUsed to store information about a build, to allow better reporting to the user
Tests::NAnt::Core::BuildTestBaseBase class for running build files and checking results
NAnt::Core::Tasks::CallTaskCalls a NAnt target in the current project
NAnt::NUnit2::Types::CategoryRepresents a certain group of test cases or fixtures
NAnt::NUnit2::Types::CategoryCollectionContains a collection of Category items
NAnt::NUnit2::Types::CategoryEnumeratorEnumerates the Category items of a CategoryCollection
NAnt::NUnit2::Types::CategorySetControls the categories of tests to execute using the NUnit2Task
NAnt::Core::Filters::ChainableReaderFunctions as a chainable TextReader
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::ChangeLogTaskProduces an XML report that represents the cvs changes from the given start day, to a given end date
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::CheckoutTaskChecks out a CVS module to the required directory
Tests::NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::CheckoutTaskTestTest that the checkout command brings down the master.build file from the nant repository to the specified directory
NAnt::VisualCpp::Tasks::ClTaskCompiles C/C++ programs using cl.exe, Microsoft's C/C++ compiler
NAnt::Core::Util::CommandLineArgumentRepresents a valid command-line argument
NAnt::Core::Util::CommandLineArgumentAttributeAllows control of command line parsing
NAnt::Core::Util::CommandLineArgumentCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of CommandLineArgument objects
NAnt::Core::Util::CommandLineArgumentEnumeratorEnumerates the CommandLineArgument elements of a CommandLineArgumentCollection
NAnt::Core::Util::CommandLineArgumentExceptionThe exception that is thrown when one of the command-line arguments provided is not valid
NAnt::Core::CommandLineOptionsRepresents the set of command-line options supported by NAnt
NAnt::Core::Util::CommandLineParserCommandline parser
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::CompilerBaseProvides the abstract base class for compiler tasks
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::CompilerBase::ResourceLinkageHolds class and namespace information for resource (*.resx) linkage
NAnt::DotNet::Types::CompilerWarningRepresents a compiler warning
NAnt::DotNet::Types::CompilerWarningCollectionContains a collection of CompilerWarning elements
NAnt::DotNet::Types::CompilerWarningEnumeratorEnumerates the CompilerWarning elements of a CompilerWarningCollection
NAnt::Core::ConfigurationSectionCustom configuration section handler for the <nantsettings> element
Tests::NAnt::Core::Util::ConsoleCaptureCaptures console output to a string
NAnt::Core::ConsoleDriverMain entry point to NAnt that is called by the ConsoleStub
NAnt::Console::ConsoleStubStub used to created AppDomain and launch real ConsoleDriver class in Core assembly
NAnt::Console::ConsoleStub::HelperArgumentsHelper class for invoking the application entry point in NAnt.Core and passing the command-line arguments
Tests::NAnt::Core::Tasks::CopyTestTests the deletion of the following:

  • file
  • folder
  • folder with a file (recursive)
Tests::NAnt::VSNet::Tasks::CppSolutionTestsTest that cpp projects are built successfully
NAnt::Core::Types::CredentialProvides credentials for password-based authentication schemes
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::CscTaskCompiles C# programs
Tests::NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::CscTaskTest::TestResourceLinkageUnit tests for ResourceLinkage
Tests::NAnt::VSNet::Tasks::CSharpSolutionTestsTest that c# projects are built successfully
NAnt::SourceControl::Types::CvsFileSetA CvsFileSet is a FileSet with extra attributes useful in the context of the CvsTask
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::CvsPassExecutes the cvs login command which appends or updates an entry to the specified .cvspass file
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::CvsTaskExecutes the cvs command specified by the command attribute
Tests::NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::CvsTaskTestSummary description for CvsTaskTest
NAnt::Core::DataTypeBaseProvides the abstract base class for types
NAnt::Core::DataTypeBaseBuilderCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of DataTypeBaseBuilder objects
NAnt::Core::DataTypeBaseBuilderEnumeratorEnumerates the DataTypeBaseBuilder elements of a DataTypeBaseBuilderCollection
NAnt::Core::Attributes::DateTimeValidatorAttributeUsed to indicate that a property should be able to be converted into a DateTime
NAnt::DotNet::Types::DebugOutputConverterSpecialized EnumConverter that also supports case-insensitive conversion of "true" to DebugOutput.Enable and "false" to DebugOutput.None
NAnt::Core::Util::DefaultCommandLineArgumentAttributeMarks a command-line option as being the default option. When the name of a command-line argument is not specified, this option will be assumed
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::DelaySignTaskSigns delay-signed .NET Assemblies, or re-signs existing assemblies
NAnt::Core::Tasks::DeleteTaskDeletes a file, fileset or directory
Tests::NAnt::Core::Tasks::DeleteTestTests the deletion of the following:

  • file
  • folder
  • folder with a file (recursive)
NAnt::Core::Tasks::DescriptionTaskAn empty task that allows a build file to contain a description
NAnt::Core::DirectoryScannerUsed for searching filesystem based on given include/exclude rules
NAnt::Core::Types::DirSetA specialized FileSet used for specifying a set of directories
NAnt::Core::Tasks::EchoTaskWrites a message to the build log or a specified file
Tests::NAnt::Core::Tasks::EchoTestTests the Echo task
NAnt::Core::ElementModels a NAnt XML element in the build file
NAnt::Core::Element::AttributeConfiguratorConfigures an Element using meta-data provided by assigned attributes
NAnt::Core::Element::AttributeConfigurator::IAttributeSetterInternal interface used for setting element attributes
NAnt::Core::Attributes::ElementNameAttributeIndicates that class should be treated as a NAnt element
Tests::NAnt::Core::ElementTest1TaskA simple task with a null element to test failures
NAnt::Core::Functions::EnvironmentFunctionsProvide information about the current environment and platform
NAnt::Core::Types::EnvironmentSetA set of environment variables
NAnt::Core::Types::EnvironmentVariableRepresents an environment variable
NAnt::Core::Types::EnvironmentVariableCollectionContains a collection of EnvironmentVariable elements
NAnt::Core::Types::EnvironmentVariableEnumeratorEnumerates the EnvironmentVariable elements of a EnvironmentVariableCollection
Tests::NAnt::Core::ExceptionTestGeneral purpose test that checks to see that all exceptions implement required methods
NAnt::Core::Tasks::ExecTaskExecutes a system command
NAnt::Core::Filters::ExpandPropertiesParses NAnt properties and expressions
Tests::NAnt::Core::Filters::ExpandPropertiesTestTests the ExpandProperties filter
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::ExportTaskExports a cvs module in preperation for a release (i.e. the CVS version folders are not exported)
NAnt::Core::ExpressionTokenizerSplits an input string into a sequence of tokens used during parsing
NAnt::Core::Tasks::ExternalProgramBaseProvides the abstract base class for tasks that execute external applications
NAnt::Core::Tasks::FailTaskExits the current build by throwing a BuildException, optionally printing additional information
Tests::NAnt::Core::Tasks::FailTestTests the Fail task
NAnt::Core::Types::FileSetFilesets are groups of files. These files can be found in a directory tree starting in a base directory and are matched by patterns taken from a number of patterns. Filesets can appear inside tasks that support this feature or at the project level, i.e., as children of <project>
NAnt::Core::Attributes::FileSetAttributeIndicates that a property should be treated as a XML file set for the task
NAnt::Core::Util::FileUtilsProvides modified version for Copy and Move from the File class that allow for filter chain processing
NAnt::Core::Functions::FileVersionInfoFunctionsFunctions that provide version information for a physical file on disk
NAnt::Core::Filters::FilterAllows a file's content to be modified while performing an operation
NAnt::Core::Filters::FilterBuilderCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of FilterBuilder objects
NAnt::Core::Filters::FilterBuilderEnumeratorEnumerates the FilterBuilder elements of a FilterBuilderCollection
Tests::NAnt::Core::Filters::FilterChainTestTests the FilterChain class
NAnt::Core::Filters::FilterCollectionContains a collection of Filter elements
NAnt::Core::Filters::FilterEnumeratorEnumerates the Filter elements of a FilterCollection
Tests::NAnt::Core::Filters::FilterTestBaseBase class for running input through filters and checking results
WinForms::Form1Summary for Form1
NAnt::Core::Types::FormatterCollectionContains a collection of Formatter elements
NAnt::NUnit::Types::FormatterDataCarries data specified through the formatter element
NAnt::NUnit::Types::FormatterDataCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of FormatterData objects
NAnt::NUnit::Types::FormatterDataEnumeratorEnumerates the FormatterData elements of a FormatterDataCollection
NAnt::NUnit::Types::FormatterElementRepresents the FormatterElement of the NUnit task
NAnt::NUnit::Types::FormatterElementCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of FormatterElement objects
NAnt::NUnit::Types::FormatterElementEnumeratorEnumerates the FormatterElement elements of a FormatterElementCollection
NAnt::Core::Types::FormatterEnumeratorEnumerates the Formatter elements of a FormatterCollection
NAnt::Core::Attributes::FrameworkConfigurableAttributeIndicates that the value of the property to which the attribute is assigned, can be configured on the framework-level in the NAnt application configuration file
NAnt::Core::FrameworkInfoEncalsulates information about installed frameworks incuding version information and directory locations for finding tools
NAnt::Core::Attributes::FunctionAttributeIndicates that the method should be exposed as a function in NAnt build files
NAnt::Core::Attributes::FunctionSetAttributeIndicates that class should be treated as a set of functions
NAnt::Core::Util::GacCacheHelper class for determining whether assemblies are located in the Global Assembly Cache
NAnt::VSNet::GenericSolutionSupports grouping of individual projects, and treating them as a solution
NAnt::Core::Tasks::GetTaskGets a particular file from a URL source
NAnt::Compression::Tasks::GUnzipExpands a file packed using GZip compression
NAnt::Core::IBuildListenerInstances of classes that implement this interface can register to be notified when things happen during a build
NAnt::Core::IBuildLoggerInterface used by NAnt to log the build output
NAnt::Core::Tasks::IfNotTaskThe opposite of the if task
NAnt::Core::Tasks::IfTaskChecks the conditional attributes and executes the children if
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::IlasmTaskCompiles ILASM programs
NAnt::MSNet::Tasks::IldasmTaskDisassembles any portable executable (PE) file that contains intermediate language (IL) code
NAnt::Core::Tasks::IncludeTaskIncludes an external build file
NAnt::Core::Attributes::Int32ValidatorAttributeIndicates that property should be able to be converted into a Int32 within the given range
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::IResultFormatterCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of IResultFormatter objects
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::IResultFormatterEnumeratorEnumerates the IResultFormatter elements of a IResultFormatterCollection
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::JscTaskCompiles JScript.NET programs
NAnt::DotNet::Types::LibDirectorySetA specialized FileSet used for setting the lib directories
NAnt::VisualCpp::Types::LibraryRepresents a library
NAnt::VisualCpp::Types::LibraryCollectionContains a collection of Library elements
NAnt::VisualCpp::Types::LibraryEnumeratorEnumerates the Library elements of a LibraryCollection
NAnt::VisualCpp::Tasks::LibTaskRun lib.exe, Microsoft's Library Manager
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::LicenseTaskGenerates a .licence file from a .licx file
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::LicenseTask::LicenseGathererResponsible for reading the license and writing them to a license file
NAnt::VisualCpp::Tasks::LinkTaskLinks files using link.exe, Microsoft's Incremental Linker
NAnt::Core::Tasks::LoadFileTaskLoad a text file into a single property
NAnt::Core::Tasks::LoadTasksTaskLoads tasks form a given assembly or all assemblies in a given directory or FileSet
Tests::NAnt::Core::Tasks::LoadTasksTestLoad Tasks Test.
NAnt::Core::LocationStores the file name, line number and column number to record a position in a text file
NAnt::Core::LocationMapMaps XML nodes to the text positions from their original source
NAnt::Core::LocationMap::TextPositionRepresents a position in the build file
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::LogFormatterPrints information about running tests directly to the build log
NAnt::Core::LogWriterImplements a TextWriter for writing information to the NAnt logging infrastructure
NAnt::Core::Tasks::LoopTaskLoops over a set of items
NAnt::Core::MailLoggerBuffers log messages from DefaultLogger, and sends an e-mail with the results
NAnt::Core::Tasks::MailTaskSends an SMTP message
NAnt::VisualCpp::Tasks::McTaskCompiles messages using mc.exe, Microsoft's Win32 message compiler
NAnt::VisualCpp::Tasks::MidlTaskThis tasks allows you to run MIDL.exe
NAnt::Core::Tasks::MkDirTaskCreates a directory and any non-existent parent directory if necessary
Tests::NAnt::Core::Tasks::MkDirTestTests mkdir Tasks.

Creates a temp directory and deletes it.

Tests::NAnt::Core::Tasks::MoveTestTests MoveTask
NAnt::DotNet::Types::NamespaceImportRepresents a namespace to import
NDoc::Documenter::NAnt::NAntDocumenterNDoc Documenter for building custom NAnt User documentation
NDoc::Documenter::NAnt::NAntDocumenterConfigNDoc configuration class for NAntDocumenter
NAnt::Core::Tasks::NAntSchemaTaskCreates an XSD File for all available tasks
NDoc::Documenter::NAnt::NAntXsltUtilitiesProvides an extension object for the XSLT transformations
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::NDocTaskRuns NDoc V1.3.1 to create documentation
NAnt::NUnit2::Tasks::NUnit2TaskRuns tests using the NUnit V2.2 framework
NAnt::NUnit2::Types::NUnit2TestRepresents a test element of an NUnit2Task
NAnt::NUnit2::Types::NUnit2TestCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of NUnit2Test objects
NAnt::NUnit2::Tasks::NUnit2TestDomainCustom TestDomain, similar to the one included with NUnit, in order to workaround some limitations in it
NAnt::NUnit2::Tasks::NUnit2TestDomain::AssemblyResolveHandlerHelper class called when an assembly resolve event is raised
NAnt::NUnit2::Types::NUnit2TestEnumeratorEnumerates the NUnit2Test elements of a NUnit2TestCollection
NAnt::NUnit1::Tasks::NUnitTaskRuns tests using the NUnit V1.0 framework
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::NUnitTestRepresents a test element of an NUnitTask
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::NUnitTestCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of NUnitTest objects
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::NUnitTestDataCarries data specified through the test element
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::NUnitTestEnumeratorEnumerates the NUnitTest elements of a NUnitTestCollection
NAnt::Core::Functions::OperatingSystemFunctionsFunctions that return information about an operating system
NAnt::Core::Types::OptionRepresents an option
NAnt::Core::Types::OptionCollectionContains a collection of Option elements
NAnt::Core::Types::OptionEnumeratorEnumerates the Option elements of a OptionCollection
NAnt::DotNet::Types::PackageRepresents a package
NAnt::DotNet::Types::PackageCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of Package objects
NAnt::DotNet::Types::PackageEnumeratorEnumerates the Package elements of a PackageCollection
NAnt::Core::Types::PathElementRepresents a nested path element
NAnt::Core::PathScannerUsed to search for files on the PATH
NAnt::Core::Types::PathSetPaths are groups of files and/or directories that need to be passed as a single unit. The order in which parts of the path are specified in the build file is retained, and duplicate parts are automatically suppressed.
NAnt::Core::Filters::PhysicalTextReaderRepresents a physical TextReader. That is a reader based on a stream
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::PlainTextFormatterPrints information about running tests in plain text
NAnt::Core::Attributes::ProgramLocationAttributeIndicates the location that a task executable can be located in
NAnt::Core::ProjectCentral representation of a NAnt project
NAnt::VSNet::ProjectBaseBase class for all project classes
NAnt::VSNet::ProjectFactoryFactory class for VS.NET projects
Tests::NAnt::Core::ProjectTestChecks if project is initialized correctly. Checks the following props: nant.task.* nant.project.name nant.project.buildfile nant.version (not null) nant.location (not null && == projectAssembly.Location path) nant.basedir nant.default nant.filename
NAnt::Core::Tasks::PropertyTaskSets a property in the current project
NAnt::Core::Types::ProxyContains HTTP proxy settings used to process requests to Internet resources
NAnt::Core::Types::RawXmlRepresents an element of which the XML is processed by its parent task or type
NAnt::VisualCpp::Tasks::RcTaskCompiles resources using rc.exe, Microsoft's Win32 resource compiler
NAnt::Win32::Tasks::ReadRegistryTaskReads a value or set of values from the Windows Registry into one or more NAnt properties
Tests::NAnt::Win32::Tasks::ReadRegistryTestTests the ReadRegistryTask
NAnt::Core::Util::ReflectionUtilsProvides a set of helper methods related to reflection
NAnt::Core::Tasks::RegexTaskSets project properties based on the evaluatuion of a regular expression
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::RegsvcsTaskInstalls or removes .NET Services
NAnt::Examples::Filters::ReplaceCharacterReplaces a specific character in a file
NAnt::Core::Filters::ReplaceStringReplaces all occurrences of a given string in the original input with user-supplied replacement string
Tests::NAnt::Core::Filters::ReplaceStringTestTests the ReplaceString filter
NAnt::Core::Filters::ReplaceTokensReplaces tokens in the original input with user-supplied values
Tests::NAnt::Core::Filters::ReplaceTokensTestTests the ReplaceTokens filter
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::ResGenTaskConverts files from one resource format to another
NAnt::DotNet::Types::ResourceFileSetSpecialized FileSet class for managing resource files
NAnt::DotNet::Types::ResourceFileSetCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of ResourceFileSet objects
NAnt::DotNet::Types::ResourceFileSetEnumeratorEnumerates the ResourceFileSet elements of a ResourceFileSetCollection
NAnt::Core::Util::ResourceUtilsProvides resource support to NAnt assemblies. This class cannot be inherited from
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::RTagTaskTags all sources in the remote repository with a given tag
NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::ScriptTaskExecutes the code contained within the task. This code can include custom extension function definitions. Once the script task has executed those custom functions will be available for use in the buildfile
Tests::NAnt::Core::SealedTestExceptionException to verify that the exception tester is working on sealed exception
NAnt::MSNet::Tasks::ServiceControllerTaskAllows a Windows service to be controlled
NAnt::Core::Tasks::SetEnvTaskSets an environment variable or a whole collection of them. Use an empty LiteralValue attribute to clear a variable
Tests::NAnt::Core::Tasks::SetEnvTaskTestTests the Echo task
Tests::NAnt::Core::SimpleTestExceptionDo nothing exception to verify that the exception tester is working correctly
NAnt::Core::Tasks::SleepTaskA task for sleeping a specified period of time, useful when a build or deployment process requires an interval between tasks
NAnt::VSNet::Rainier::SolutionAnalyses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 (Rainier) solution files
NAnt::VSNet::Everett::SolutionAnalyses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 (Everett) solution files
NAnt::VSNet::SolutionFactoryFactory class for VS.NET solutions
NAnt::VSNet::Tasks::SolutionTaskCompiles VS.NET solutions (or sets of projects), automatically determining project dependencies from inter-project references
Tests::NAnt::VSNet::Tasks::SolutionTestBaseTest that c# projects are built successfully
NAnt::Core::Util::StringUtilsGroups a set of useful string manipulation and validation methods
NAnt::Core::Attributes::StringValidatorAttributeUsed to indicate whether a string property should allow an empty string value or not
NAnt::Core::Tasks::StyleTaskProcesses a document via XSLT
NAnt::VisualCpp::Types::SymbolRepresents a symbol
NAnt::VisualCpp::Types::SymbolCollectionContains a collection of Symbol elements
NAnt::VisualCpp::Types::SymbolEnumeratorEnumerates the Symbol elements of a SymbolCollection
NAnt::Core::Tasks::SysInfoTaskSets properties with system information
NAnt::Core::Filters::TabsToSpacesConverts tabs to spaces
Tests::NAnt::Core::Filters::TabsToSpacesTestTests the TabsToSpaces filter
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::TagTaskTags all local sources with the specified tag
NAnt::Compression::Types::TarFileSetA TarFileSet is a FileSet with extra attributes useful in the context of the TarTask
NAnt::Compression::Types::TarFileSetCollectionContains a collection of TarFileSet elements
NAnt::Compression::Types::TarFileSetEnumeratorEnumerates the TarFileSet elements of a TarFileSetCollection
NAnt::Compression::Tasks::TarTaskCreates a tar file from the specified filesets
NAnt::Core::TaskProvides the abstract base class for tasks
NAnt::Core::Attributes::TaskAttributeAttributeIndicates that property should be treated as a XML attribute for the task
NAnt::Core::TaskBuilderCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of TaskBuilder objects
NAnt::Core::TaskBuilderEnumeratorEnumerates the TaskBuilder elements of a TaskBuilderCollection
NAnt::Core::TaskContainerExecutes embedded tasks in the order in which they are defined
NAnt::Core::Attributes::TaskNameAttributeIndicates that class should be treated as a task
Tests::NAnt::Core::TestBuildExceptionThrown whenever an error occurs during the build
Tests::NAnt::Core::TestExceptionException to verify that the exception tester is working correctly
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::TestResultExtraDecorates NUnits TestResult with extra information such as run-time. /summary>
Tests::NAnt::Core::TestTaskA simple task for testing Task class
NAnt::Win32::Tasks::TlbExpTaskExports a .NET assembly to a type library that can be used from unmanaged code (wraps Microsoft's tlbexp.exe)
NAnt::Win32::Tasks::TlbImpTaskImports a type library to a .NET assembly (wraps Microsoft's tlbimp.exe)
NAnt::Core::Types::TokenReplaceTokens filter token
NAnt::Core::Tasks::TouchTaskTouches a file or set of files -- corresponds to the Unix touch command
NAnt::Core::Tasks::TStampTaskSets properties with the current date and time
NAnt::Core::TypeFactoryComprises all of the loaded, and available, tasks. Use these static methods to register, initialize and create a task
NAnt::Compression::Tasks::UnZipTaskExtracts files from a zip file
NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::UpdateTaskUpdates a CVS module in a local working directory
Tests::NAnt::SourceControl::Tasks::UpdateTaskTestTests that the update task performs correctly and does not return errors
NAnt::Core::Tasks::UpToDateTaskCheck modification dates on groups of files
NAnt::Core::Attributes::ValidatorAttributeBase class for all validator attributes
Tests::NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::VbcTaskTest::TestResourceLinkageUnit tests for FileParser
Tests::NAnt::VSNet::Tasks::VbSolutionTestsTest that cpp projects are built successfully
NAnt::VSNet::VcArgumentMapA mapping from properties in the .vcproj file to command line arguments
NAnt::VSNet::VcArgumentMap::LinkerStringArgumentRepresents a command-line arguments of which the trailing backslashes in the value should be duplicated
NAnt::VSNet::VcArgumentMap::QuotedLinkerStringArgumentRepresents a command-line argument of which the value should be quoted, and of which trailing backslahes should be duplicated
NAnt::VSNet::VcConfigurationBaseA single build configuration for a Visual C++ project or for a specific file in the project
NAnt::VSNet::VcFileConfigurationRepresents the configuration of a file
NAnt::VSNet::VcProjectVisual C++ project
NAnt::VSNet::VcProjectConfigurationRepresents a Visual C++ project configuration
Tests::NAnt::DotNet::Tasks::VjcTaskTest::TestResourceLinkageUnit tests for ResourceLinkage
Tests::NAnt::VSNet::Tasks::VjsSolutionTestsTest that cpp projects are built successfully
NAnt::Core::VolumeInfoPresents information about a volume
NAnt::DotNet::Types::WarningAsErrorControls the behaviour of a compiler with regards to the reporting of warnings
NAnt::VSNet::Types::WebMapRepresents a single mapping from URL project path to physical project path
NAnt::VSNet::Types::WebMapCollectionContains a strongly typed collection of WebMap objects
NAnt::VSNet::Types::WebMapEnumeratorEnumerates the WebMap elements of a WebMapCollection
NAnt::Core::XmlLoggerUsed to wrap log messages in xml <message/> elements
NAnt::Core::Types::XmlNamespaceRepresents an XML namespace
NAnt::Core::Types::XmlNamespaceCollectionContains a collection of XmlNamespace elements
NAnt::Core::Types::XmlNamespaceEnumeratorEnumerates the XmlNamespace elements of a XmlNamespaceCollection
NAnt::Core::Tasks::XmlPeekTaskExtracts text from an XML file at the location specified by an XPath expression
NAnt::Core::Tasks::XmlPokeTaskReplaces text in an XML file at the location specified by an XPath expression
NAnt::NUnit1::Types::XmlResultFormatterPrints detailed information about running tests in XML format
NAnt::Core::Types::XsltExtensionObjectRepresents an XSLT extension object. The object should have a default parameterless constructor and the return value should be one of the four basic XPath data types of number, string, Boolean or node set
NAnt::Core::Types::XsltExtensionObjectCollectionContains a collection of XsltExtensionObject elements
NAnt::Core::Types::XsltExtensionObjectEnumeratorEnumerates the XsltExtensionObject elements of a XsltExtensionObjectCollection
NAnt::Core::Types::XsltParameterRepresents an XSLT parameter
NAnt::Core::Types::XsltParameterCollectionContains a collection of XsltParameter elements
NAnt::Core::Types::XsltParameterEnumeratorEnumerates the XsltParameter elements of a XsltParameterCollection
NAnt::Compression::Types::ZipFileSetA ZipFileSet is a FileSet with extra attributes useful in the context of the ZipTask
NAnt::Compression::Types::ZipFileSetCollectionContains a collection of ZipFileSet elements
NAnt::Compression::Types::ZipFileSetEnumeratorEnumerates the ZipFileSet elements of a ZipFileSetCollection
NAnt::Compression::Tasks::ZipTaskCreates a zip file from the specified filesets

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